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Pink Hummus
There is a couple days of the week that tend to be killer days at work + training for me. I’m usually up at 5:30 and working at my dining table until the kids get up. Wall of meetings from 9-3 then I go to the pool for swim coaching. Either back to work after or make my way home for an hour or so of family time before I head back to the gym for Tri-club. If I make it to beers after and haven’t passed out I’ve done well! I find on days like these that sitting for a proper lunch is not only impossible but slows me down if I eat too much (especially when I’ve got multiple workouts). So I graze all day, and this variation on hummus is both satisfying and keeps me full. And let’s be honest, evening beers are often accompanied by wings and it’s all about the offsets.
In my family we don’t do a lot of canning, but we do a lot of freezing. We make jam, process tomatoes, beans, beets, peas, and even garlic in the fall when produce is ripe (we try to buy from a local farm). Everything goes in ziplock bags and into the chest freezer to use all winter. Veggies taste better when they are in season and freezing is the next best thing to preserve that flavour.
So I didn’t add food colouring to get this lovely shade of pink to make my hummus. I took inspiration from food blogger Ankiet Gulubani (follow him on instagram via @spankiet) and added beets to the mix. Beets I found while sifting through the freezer last week. I dip carrots, pita chips, cucumber slices, even my fingers into this yummy dip. I’ll spread it onto a wrap to make a sandwich, all-in-all it’s versatile and here’s how I made it.
1 can of chickpeas (rinse well)
Juice of two lemons
4-6tbsp of tahini (sesame paste)
Cooked cubed beets (~300g)
Salt to taste
Optional: roasted garlic
Garnished with goat cheese and a sprinkle of Harissa if you like the spice
Food processor to blend.
Total time including washing the food processor: 15 mins.
What’s your favourite variation on standard hummus?

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