when you need richness, but really you don’t…

I love all food that’s rich. My French in-laws have called me a “gourmande” for this very reason. The problem is that I’m genetically pre-disposed to transfer all delicious things directly to my waistline. My metabolism doesn’t co-operate with my need to eat and so I had to make some changes in my life 8 months ago.

I’m an analytical person and started paying close attention to what I’d been putting in my body. It all got written, charted, then analyzed. My goal was not to deprive myself but to figure out a way for all delicious things and a healthy body image to co-exist.

Here’s my version of the perfect balance. Clocking in 374 Calories, I feel like this dish is a good compromise and easy to vary depending on what your pantry has.

Child Friendly Grade: low – my kids prefer regular pasta 😦

Time Commitment: Prep 5min / Walkaway 30min / Plate 5min

Spaghetti Squash
Pancetta (150g per person)
Blue Cheese (either Gorgonzola or St Agur – something pungent)
Sun-dried Tomatoes
1/2 tsp of Olive Oil per half

Cut and clean your squash, and rub with the olive oil
Place cut side down and bake @ 375C for 30-35mins or until knife inserts easily
Once the squash is cooked really the time to decorate can be 2min-20min depending on what you’re adding.

What’s your favourite choice of toppings?


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